Stop Drax's Greenwashing, Stop Drax's Subsidies

Drax, the UKs single largest carbon emitter, pour millions into convincing everyone that they're good for the planet and people. This is a scam. From sponsoring nature fairs, to school trips and everything in-between, Drax are desperately trying to greenwash cutting down forests and polluting communities. We're not going to stand by and let this happen. By classifying biomass as renewable and maintaining the perception around it Drax is able to continue receiving billions in renewable energy subsidies.

In 2021 Drax received £982.6 million in renewable subsidies, that's £2.68 million per day! By 2027 they are expected to have received over £10 billion in renewable subsidies! Last year, Drax received more in subsidies that they made in profit - they are reliant on them to keep burning trees. This money is being used by Drax to fund the cutting down of forests and pollution of communities around the world, causing long term health issues, destruction of flood defenses and loss of biodiversity.

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The Stop Burning Trees Coalition is a collection of groups and people taking action against the destructive biomass industry. The biomass industry is responsible for destroying our forests and harming our communities around the world. Drax, the UKs single biggest carbon emitter, receives billions of renewable subsidies to burn millions of tonnes of trees a year. Sign up to take action to stop the biomass industry and receive updates from the coalition!