Just Transition For All

One of the core parts of Stop Burning Trees campaigning is the need for a just transition for all workers employed in the biomass industry. Closing down polluting and destructive industries cannot come at the expense of jobs, nor can these polluting industries continue. This is why we're working on understanding what a just transition and investment in genuine renewables, and safe, decent jobs for those employed by Drax and other biomass companies would look like.

If you're in a trade union, we hold regular trade union briefings and have a draft motion to be passed in your local branch.

If you'd like to get involved with this, please contact us at stopburningtreescoalition@gmail.com.

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The Stop Burning Trees Coalition is a collection of groups and people taking action against the destructive biomass industry. The biomass industry is responsible for destroying our forests and harming our communities around the world. Drax, the UKs single biggest carbon emitter, receives billions of renewable subsidies to burn millions of tonnes of trees a year. Sign up to take action to stop the biomass industry and receive updates from the coalition!