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Did you know that the UK Government is wasting £1.5 billion a year subsidising tree burning for electricity at power stations like Drax and Lynemouth, with devastating impacts on forests, wildlife, communities and the climate?

Drax is now lobbying the Government for even more subsidies to fund unproven bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) technology which will allow the company to continue burning trees and polluting communities for decades to come. This is expected to cost the UK public an estimated £31.7 billion. Drax has been denied the first round of funding for carbon capture and storage, which is a big blow for them, but now they’re lobbying even harder for subsidies. We cannot allow this to happen! We know that neither Drax nor Lynemouth are not really serious about building this technology any time in the near future, but they are serious about taking public money so they can keep making money from burning trees and polluting communities! We need everyone to take action and demand that the Government stops funding big biomass' destruction.

Sending personal letters or emails to your MP is good. But one of the most effective things to do is actually to go and see your MP!

We've put together some resources to make this as easy as possible for you:

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